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Financial Trainings & Tips for Caregivers: Older Adult Nest Egg

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Worried that your parents are beginning to decline cognitively? While many programs for caregivers are designed to address the emotional, physical and mental needs of the older person and the caregiver, one critical aspect of caregiving is overlooked: Financial health. Older Adult Nest Egg (OANE) developed a friends/family component designed to help caregivers maintain the financial health of an older loved one.

How can you talk with the older person about financial management and/or protecting her finances? How do you discover if your older loved one is the victim of scams or identity theft? Do you know the dos and don’ts of managing your older loved one’s finances while protecting your own? Online, narrated trainings are now available at no cost. Developed under the leadership of Dr. Peter Lichtenberg at the Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology, trainings can be accessed at In addition to the online training there are resources and news alerts. A do it yourself assessment to determine how vulnerable your older love one may be to exploitation will soon be available.

Financial health is caregiving health. Visit